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MAXIMUM PROTECTION FROM THE LEGIONELLA Viroxid AQUA Ultrafiltration Membrane is certified by ACCREDIA + for the 99.999% reduction of bacteria and spores present in water, including the dangerous Legionella Pneumophila bacterium, which can find an ideal habitat in the unit water lines. PURE WATER FOR YOUR MEETING The i-titan 5 Carbon Block prefilter eliminates any impurities present in the water of the water network, ensures the removal of chlorine and the elimination of bad odors. Viroxid AQUA helps keep your dental unit's water system efficient. SUITABLE FOR ALL THE MEETINGS The Viroxid AQUA system is extremely compact and can easily be installed by a specialized technician on any dental unit. The filters of the UF - UNIT PRO 1 system are extremely durable, have an autonomy of 9,000 liters and must be replaced only once a year. AN ECONOMIC TECHNOLOGY The system does not limit the operation of the environment, nor does it interrupt the production cycle during sanitation. VIROXID HABITAT is practically maintenance-free, there are no filters to change or clean. The photocatalytic reaction does not consume the catalyst (titanium dioxide), so the AHPCO cell replaces itself, with a low cost every three years. Energy consumption is significantly lower than systems that use anti-particulate filters. TECHNICAL FEATURES: Ultrafiltration membrane: filtration grade 0.1 micron certified by D.M. 174/2006; CERTIFIED FOR 99.999% LEGIONELLA BATTERY REMOVAL AS ACCREDIA CERTIFICATION Granular carbon pre-filter 5 micron certified by D.M. 174/2006 Capacity 3.8 LPM (liters per minutes) Inlet water pressure Min 2 Max 4 Bar Total dissolved solids in input Max 2000 Mg / l PH allowed inlet water Min 3 Max 11